Flexible Outsourcing Models:

  • Site build and Infrastructure Solutions1. Civil Work;
    2. Equipment Shelter;
    3. Tower/Mast Maintenance;
    4. Rectifier System;
    5. Generator Installation & Maintenance;
    6. Site Electrification;
    7. Solar Systems; and
    8. Site Fencing

  • Infrastructure Project Management1. Site Survey;
    2. Site Evaluation;
    3. Contract Administration;
    4. Site Supervision;
    5. Documentation, Health and Safety Compliance; and
    6. Quality Control

  • Project Management ServiceOur project management approach ensures that we uphold our commitment to Quality, Integrity and Efficiency. A dedicated Slaff Ghana Limited team is personally involved in each project from inception to completion, to meet your specific business objectives.
    At the start of a project, we appoint a project manager to design a Project Management Plan which defines roles, responsibilities, outcomes and milestones. A typical Project Management Programme includes:

1. Site Surveys
2. Site Supervision
3. Proactive Approach
4. Supply Chain Management: Local (Ghana) and International

Turnkey Solutions Our turnkey solutions include AC & DC power engineering, supply and installation of plants & Generator sets; solar engineering and air conditioner installation.